02 February 2009

Why Harpies? and Last 3 Paintings for Gallery Show

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken and the word is six more weeks of winter.  I have plenty to do indoors anyway, so this internment is for the greater good of my household and bank account - taxes, for one thing...eeeek!  typical right brain weirdo i completely freak about numbers and also need a sympathetic tax preparer in the spokane area...anyone out there care to toss me a name?  On the flagging morale of "six more weeks of winter" that some of you might feel, i've been looking at it this way:  my nieces are kick ass skiers and they have that much more time to perfect their technique (so instead of thinking how crappy six more weeks of winter is for those of us whose sport is, oh, RIDING HORSES, let's think about how this weather is GREAT for someone else!  yay!)...also, a simple re-frame of the "six weeks" idea; instead of listening to Punxsutawney Phil, listen to Bourne Lane Fred:  Summer's Comin'! Okay, I talk about the weather a lot.  I live in the country.  Now, Why Harpies.  I give a pretty good 2 second version of the Oresteia, which should explain why all women should proudly and prominently display harpy images wherever and whenever possible.  Click here to read it.  This artwork is also in my cafepress site so you can get it on t-shirts, tiles, aprons, and BABY CLOTHES...for the infant feminist in your life!  (i didn't say infantile.)  If someone orders the onesie with a harpy on it could you please send me a picture of the baby wearing it?  I'd be so proud to put her on my blog. And finally, I finished the last three paintings for the gallery show in Ballard which opens on Valentine's Day!   They need to dry for a few days before I can coat them with beeswax and resin and make them look really scrumptious, then some final touches and ship them off for the curator, Rebecca DeVere, to hang.  I'm sad I can't go to the opening, I'm excited to be a part of this show...maybe anyone in Seattle would like to stop in?

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