17 March 2009

Compendium Prints

I have prints of "A Compendium of Heroines"!  The images are 7x7" on 8.5x11" german museum etching paper by hahnemuhle.  This paper is heavyweight and really rich looking.  It soaks up the ink and they look so vivid!  I'm really pleased.  I'm offering them on etsy for $15 each or a discount for the whole series of nine.  
Before I sent the nine paintings "A Compendium of Heroines" off to blowing sands gallery, I managed to scan them.  I had been hoping to get them to Coeur D'alene to a place that has a really wonderful high end art scanning system, and offers a super price for multiples of the size I paint, but it was too tight of a squeeze to ship them off in time for Rebecca Devere to hang, so I thought I would do my best to scan them at home.  I did 4 scans of each painting at 1200 dpi and then pieced them together in photoshop and I have to say they came out much better than I thought they would, in fact the detail is much more sharp than paintings I've had professionally scanned in the past.  Yay!

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artslice said...

Hi Ursula-
These look great! I may have to check out that place in CDA at some point. Hope you are doing well and Happy St. Patrick's day :)