18 February 2009

Big Night Gallery Opening

The gallery opening in Ballard (Seattle) at Blowing Sands went well on Saturday night, Valentine's Day and also the curator,Rebecca Devere's birthday.  I got a great rundown from Reb and her husband Dennis of what sounds like a smashing success and a lot of fun.  I am attaching the link to pictures (the first shot shows my entry in the show "A Compendium of Heroines" on the right hand side, nine 10x10 panels) so you can see for yourself.  There was a string quartet, yummy food, a birthday cake for Reb, and the house was packed.  I think the show will be up for a month if you're in the area and want to take a look.  There might be an artworld connection made for me here in Spokane as a result of the show, I will keep you posted, my wish is to get gallery shows in this area (i'm hoping for Tinman) and there is a gallery in Coeur d-alene that I am interested in.  It's a new world.
I'm currently finishing up a collection of paintings of cupcakes and chocolates for a bakery that opened in Kirkland in the last few months; the owner said she would like to sell them on consignment which normally I don't feel too hip to selling out of a cafe, but it's a favor for a friend of a friend.  I will mount pictures of them as soon as they're dry enough to scan, they've been really fun to paint, I am particularly inspired by this subject matter :)
And I got my first request on etsy for custom work...something to adorn the walls of a cafe here in Spokane...isn't that funny?  In all the big wide etsy world it's the second person I've connected with in my own back yard (shout out to brenda, mother, artist and runs three blogs).
Here's the link to the opening, wish i could have been there:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2019057&id=1157229748


artslice said...

Thanks for the 'shout out' Ursula! Congrats on your sucessful opening... sounds like it was a great party. How funny your first commission is from Spokane. I think it's a sign... a good sign :) Looking forward to seeing the cupcake paintings, they sound cute.

tangled sky studio said...

Congrats on what looks like a great show! I'm looking forward to seeing the cupcake paintings.....
brenda rocks!

artslice said...

Hi Ursula... thanks for the shout out!! I'm a little late but I'm here all the same :) That's great your show is being 'held over' for another month... congrats! Are you ready for spring yet... I sure am. (can't believe we're still having snow flurries and such low temps, blah!) Stay warm.