22 January 2009

Finally Jumping In...

So.  It seems that my writer's block issues are deeper than I thought.  Just picking out the template and uploading the artwork were enough to put me into a state of shock for the last month and a half.  Then I got over myself and realized no one expects me to be a literary genius and that maybe I should just talk about the artwork and the rest will take care of itself...
2009 has a very different momentum for me than the last two years {which were all about getting out of Montana and landing where I needed to be, which is Deer Park, a rural community just north of Spokane in Eastern Washington State}.  2009 feels about the work.  
One of the first orders of business is creating a 9 panel installation for a show that my friend Rebecca DeVere is curating in Ballard, Washington {downtown Seattle morphs into Ballard as one heads north}.  The opening is February 14 from 6-9pm  here's the link to the gallery for directions and other related info:www.blowingsands.com
The piece I'm showing is called "A Compendium of Heroines" and consists of nine 10x10" wood panels, each featuring a different young girl and a chunk of her narrative.  Here are really hideous pictures of the first three {solving the "photographing work/lighting problem" is on the TO DO list}.  When they have dried I will scan them and re-post them.  I think I will have t-shirts and cards of them on my cafepress site {see link at upper left} and prints on my etsy site, {see link at left}.

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