28 January 2009

Valentine's Paintings

I'm having a blast making bunches of little love themed paintings.  No classic romantic love imagery, but love through a different lense (okay, when it comes to dogs and cats and ponies i am probably more schmaltzy than most greeting cards out there; unabashedly smitten with the creatures).  I'm especially enjoying the "Harpy Love" series.  I think women should embrace their inner harpy and anyone lucky enough to be partnered with a harpy should just submit.  These paintings have me penciling out some designs for a series of greeting cards featuring harpy love.  Does anyone out there know of a greeting card company that would be interested in printing these?  I am pondering whether i should even consider submitting them to the usual suspects:  "Harpy Birthday"  "Embrace your Inner Harpy".  More about harpies tomorrow and my association with a fabulous new feminist blog that features my work on their banner, with a credit and link to my website and etsy shop!  yay!  

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