23 January 2009

Three More For Friends & Family Show

Had a really successful day painting yesterday, and now I'm totally spent.  Slept completely and heavily through the night and was so surprised when the alarm went off at 5am...it felt as if i'd just blinked my eyes. Kate usually gets me up at 3 to go potty (that is one of my old weimaraners, if you follow this blog you will certainly see paintings of her), i wonder if she tried but i was so dead to the world she gave up.  that would be a first.   I'm working on a series of nine paintings entitled "A Compendium of Heroines"...each painting looks like a page torn from a children's book, a very old-fashioned children's book, more like a fairy tale with mystery and darkness and things that need to be solved and possible dangers on the hero's journey, except all the heroes are girls.  A world populated with talking animals and nature figure heavily, just like in my world :) Last night i finished the second set of three and i just had my groove on.  I stopped once briefly to eat some oatmeal (right now it has to be steel cut oats with walnuts and dried cranberries and maple syrup), and then i stopped for a while to eat dinner with my husband.  he watched movies while i kept painting and listening to the movies and frequently asking him to narrate, which could be completely annoying under certain circumstances, but my husband is very patient.  It was a thriller so there wasn't a lot of dialogue and the music would change and mostly i could follow based on that...maybe you're not surprised to hear that the final third of a thriller involves lots of high drama soundtrack and the actors grunting a lot.  So i would say "What just happened?" and eric would say "Someone just walked behind the car and she didn't see them...it's foggy."  Now that i think of it, the movie was probably much more interesting broken down and digested by my husband and relayed to me, like watching a movie through morse code.  


artslice said...

Hi Ursula,
I just love your work and etsy shop! So glad I found you...I was wondering if the 2nd egg painting was available. Love to have it if you're putting it in the etsy shop. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Your new work is so delicious and mysterious. i can't wait to see the show in Ballard.

ursula dodge said...

Hi Brenda
Thank you so much for the kind words...this painting is for a show in ballard next month and is being sold as part of a series of 9. if she's available after the show i will contact you; i'm also planning to do prints of her when she's dry enough to scan. i'll keep your contact info and get in touch. thanks again. u

Brenda said...

Sounds good! (oops, if I would've read a bit closer on your most recent post, I would've known she was for your show:)
Thank you,